Sunday, 9 October 2016

Why You Should Have More Than One H2i Accounts.

First and foremost your first direct legs are very important to you. You are advised to buy these slot and register yourself or close relatives directly under you. This is something early members did not realize on time and has been their only regret in H2i. You're lucky to have the privilege of knowing this early enough. The reasons you need to do this are highlighted below.

1. More earnings and benefits. As soon as you earn in your Dollars or qualify for Laptop or car in your main account, the first 2 legs or slots under you are automatically next in line to also earn but in a situation where somebody else has registered there, then the member in that position is next.

2: The first 2 slots attached directly to you would form your eyes to see your many stage 2 down lines when you get to stage 3 as the stage 3 board is different from stage 1 and stage 2. You can no longer see a pictorial view of all your down lines when you get to stage 3.

3. Having multiple H2i accounts is for the visionary member who can see further than most people. When the dividends starts showing, it becomes enviable to those who could not see that far.

4. Instead of pushing you up once, your down lines push you up multiple times thereby making your earnings come faster and at different places.

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